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Scenic photograph of Three Cliffs Bay by Llyr Roberts
Franck Banza on the Gower Peninsula


Let's Build a Better Gower

Franck Banza is a candidate for the parliamentary seat of Gower, in Swansea, Wales. With years of experience in inclusive entrepreneurship and community development, Franck is committed to building a brighter future for Gower.

About Franck


As the founder and CEO of TheCAE, Franck has spearheaded the organisation's growth from its inception and pioneered Wales' first food bank delivery service during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Franck is passionate about creating opportunities for everyone in the community to thrive and succeed. With your support, he will work tirelessly to make Gower a better place for all its residents. Join him in this journey to build a stronger, more inclusive and prosperous community for everyone.

Franck Banza and volunteers of the Liberal Democrats party on Gower

"I am proud to know Franck and know him to be a committed and hard working activist. He knows how to lead and motivate a team and to focus on winning for the Welsh Liberal Democrats. Given his wealth of experiences, Franck will make an exceptional political representative for the community of Gower.”

Jane Dodds, Welsh Liberal Democrat’s Party Leader

"Franck will be an excellent candidate for this area . He is forward thinking , caring , ambitious and a very kind person who is determined to make a difference in his community . He is a good listener and will do his utmost best to meet the needs of the people he represents. An all round good guy!"

Christine Watson MBE, local resident of the Gower Constituency


Action Day Franck For Gower Campaign

Action Day Franck For Gower Campaign

10 March 2024

Loughor & District Working Mens Club Ltd, Oakleigh Road, Loughor, Swansea, UK

Join us for the first Action Day of the Franck For Gower Campaign!

Get ready to make a real difference in the Gower community! We're kicking off our campaign with an exciting Action Day at the Loughor & District Working Men's Club in the Loughor Ward, where Franck resides.

This is your chance to be part of something special and shape the future of our constituency. The day will begin with a campaign briefing to get everyone up to speed, followed by a short training session on campaign admin, canvassing techniques, and leaflet delivery.

We need as many volunteers as possible to make our voices heard and connect with voters across Gower. Together, we can bring positive change to our community!

Don't miss out – sign up now to join us for a day of empowerment, action, and camaraderie! Let's make a difference together!



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